Art gallery, Cute characters, plus comic strips!~

I hope you adore my hard work! They may not be fully masterpiece art because I only have 2 years of experience of it, but I tried my best! So please enjoy the best of my beginner's work!

-Juliet Cho~

Here are some of my made-up characters in some of the books I and making!

Margaret Yamaguchi (redrawed)

(Main character in Fake) Future book!

Yes yes, this art piece is a bit messy and you can't actually see her floating on top of the water. But I do love how I drew the koi fishes, lily pads, lake, character, and the sunshine beaming from the top left corner. I hope you like it! To calculate, this art piece took me 31/2 hours to make. I hope you enjoy admiring this artwork, it's not the best of the best and is slightly messy but I did try my best! Thank you~~!

After HUNDREDS OF YEARS OF SUFFERING (actually five hours), I finished this OC art of mine. Her name, Aiya, means beautiful silk and I think that fits her character. I hope you like the art, it can even motivate you to do some too!

P.S Sorry, No background today!

Just a girl who doze off after English class in the middle of the school's hallway. She's clumsy, cute, and just tired of studying. And also if you are confused about how she is sleeping upright in a sitting position. She is just leaning forward and laying as she is holding her knees for balance.

EYYY guys! This is another piece of artwork that I drew. The girl displayed in this artwork is a siren (not a mermaid!! remember that NOW!) resting after using her voice. This was a very quick sketch so I may have missed a couple of details in the artwork. Like the ocean patterns and stuff. Anyway, I hope you like it!

HELLO PEOPLE! Time for this art I made! It's a nurse sitting on a chair. Beautiful right? I hope you enjoy it!

Happy national thoughtful day! Hey peeps! I hope you enjoy this art because I added a color line art to make it more colorful this time. Whenever you pass by this art, don't forget to be thoughtful! :)