Art gallery, Cute characters, plus comic strips!~

I hope you adore my hard work! They may not be fully masterpiece art because I only have 2 years of experience of it, but I tried my best! So please enjoy the best of my beginner's work!

-Juliet Cho~

Here are some of my made-up characters in some of the books I and making!

Margaret Yamaguchi (redrawed)

(Main character in Fake) Future book!

OKAY, OKAY! I know you're probably like: "What in the world is this thing for?!" So here's how the story went, I was in my desk spinning my digital pen back and forth and I got bored. SOOOOOO I just drew this and added some final touches AND BOOM!! Finished. I sorta did this in a rush so the art's not very clean. So its pretty messy, I hope you like it though!!

Yes yes, this art piece is a bit messy and you can't actually see her floating on top of the water. But I do love how I drew the koi fishes, lily pads, lake, character, and the sunshine beaming from the top left corner. I hope you like it! To calculate, this art piece took me 31/2 hours to make. I hope you enjoy admiring this artwork, it's not the best of the best and is slightly messy but I did try my best! Thank you~~!