(I did NOT draw the images) Fav things:

One piece (Fav. Manga)

This is my favorite manga because the adventure keeps going!! There is about up to 100 volumes and I love the funny comedy and exciting adventure.

Sssniperwolf (Fav. Youtuber)

This is my favorite youtuber because she has created so much of great videos I adored. I cried on sad ones, freaked out on scary ones, and loved the normal and awesome.

Yoai hime (Fav. Artist)

This is my favorite artist because she is so good at drawing!! I'm worse.. :(

She inspired me to do art and I dream doing art like her!~

Wellerman (Fav. song)

This is my favorite song because I got addicted to it!! It is so good!! At first it sounds like an educational song but it becomes better when you start hearing it more.

(I did NOT draw the images) Fav people:

Julian Cho (Fav. sibling)

Sometimes he can be a bit annoying but he still is a my big brother and helps me all the time. His specialty is baseball. Our dad made him a website about his baseball too!