Hi, I'm Juliet!! I love to make art and doodle all over my sketchbook!

I live my life in CA Irvine OC. I'm a creative artist that is about to turn into a teen. I work by myself in my room with paper, pencils, erasers, an art tablet, and my digital art pen!

I like to draw chibi which is Japanese slang for "short". Chibi's are cute characters with giant heads and cute big eyes and tiny bodies. they are simple and cute to doodle!

My future dream is to become an artist and an author so one day I can finally release my imagination and creativity into art or a book. Although I am at a very young age and have only 2 years of art experience, I keep trying!

I am currently working alone, but sometimes me and my best friend (Annabelle shyer) who are also a beginner in drawing anime, doodling with each other, and sometimes creating comics and short mangas with paper, pencil, and eraser.

What is Chibi?? Click here for an intro to CHIBI!!

People who help me with my art and story making

Annabelle shyer (Age: same age as me, around teen) ]:

Work Experience

I have no job yet. DUH.


An Artist (as a child)

More coming soon...


Wood bury elementary

6th grade